Analysis of bottlenecks in the development of electric valve industry in China

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As far as the overall development of China's wafer style butterfly valve industry is concerned, the market growth is rising steadily, and the application scope and fields are also expanding and extending. With the improvement of the consumer market's demand for the quality and performance of electric valve equipment, it is urgent to promote the breakthrough and development of the electric valve industry. So, what are the development bottlenecks in my country's electric valve industry?

Our country is still a developing country, and as far as the electric valve industry is concerned, the current level of development also shows strong signs of development. Generally speaking, the most appropriate feature is that it is big but not strong, and the biggest flaw is that there is a serious imitation problem. Many electric butterfly valve manufacturers rely entirely on imitation to survive, without any characteristics of their own and a lack of autonomy. brand. This kind of situation is mainly due to the lack of core technology and independent research and development capabilities, which are also obstacles to the further development of the electric valve industry.

At present, only a few big brands of electric valve products on the market have core technologies, which also makes manufacturers fall into a very passive situation. The market situation is controlled by a few companies, and domestic electric valve manufacturers are controlled by some international brands. can only be tired of defending. According to the analysis of industry experts, the so-called advantages of some foreign electric valve brands are nothing more than technology, but they also have their own fatal injuries, that is, a lack of design that is out of step with domestic market demand.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of electric butterfly valves, Shanghai Wodian believes that in order to change the current industry dilemma as soon as possible, relevant companies should continue to work hard in design, research and development, and technological innovation; improve product quality and performance; improve product market adaptability; and promote domestic The entire electric valve industry has entered a mature stage.

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